Rachel + Tristan | Assawoman Bay

When I tell you guys this was quite the trip, I truly mean it in the best way possible. Sessions like this are why I fell in love with photography. The complete randomness of the elements and having to make it work are obstacles I’ll never get tired of! Let me set the scene; there is snow all over the ground + the fog is rolling in heavy as I make the trip down. So we arrived to the front of the Wildlife area and of course the front gate is locked. Rachel and I chat about taking the walk down because she loves this area. I expressed my concern because she had on heels, but she assured me she was a trained professional. To no ones surprised she killed it. We start our hike down the path chatting about our families, the wedding, and the big plans we have in 2022. After a nice brisk mile and a half walk, we arrive only to find they have REMOVED the floating dock. That’s ok, it’s time to get creative and boy did we do just that.

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